Advanced Graphic Comm *Honors*

Advanced Graphic Comm is the second and final elective course for students to enroll so they can compete the pathway for Design Visual and Media Arts. The initial elective course is called Graphic Communications.

The students in ADV Graphic Comm will learn how to:

  • Use more advanced features of Photoshop
  • Use inDesign
  • Use Illustrator
  • Use
  • Use Silhouette
  • Use
  • Convert between various files types
    • JPG
    • PDF
    • SVG
    • PNG
    • PSD
    • and more
  • Cut stickers from various materials
    • (eg: traditional sticker paper, holographic, laminate, etc.)
  • Cut various types of vinyls
    • for mugs
    • for t-shirts
    • for photo frames
  • Use Transfer Paper
  • Use Metal Stamping Tools
  • Use Green Screen Setup for Photography
  • Use AI Upscalers and other AI tools to enhance custom designs
  • Run the Graphic Design Club
  • Promote sales for class fundraisers
  • Earn scholarships from Everfi
    • 2022-2024 total is $4000 in scholarships for Advanced Graphic Comm Students
  • Create online portfolios
  • Honors Version is weighted (A = 5.0, B=4.0)

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In addition, the students in the Advanced Graphic Comm class take the Certiport exam for Adobe Photoshop Visual Design for free. Upon passing the Certiport exam, students receive an official Adobe certificate. The pass rate is 99% in the Adv Graphic Comm class.

Student Work Gallery
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