. About Rebeca

What is my dream life?

In ten years from now I want to be a lawyer, drive a Dodge Challenger SRT8 2013 and live in a modern mansion. My dream job is to be a high rank lawyer which will be an Immigration Defense Lawyer. I want to be able to help immigrants become citizens of USA. My dream house is to life in a modern mansion. Have a pool, patio, etc., with everything fixed up. My dream car is a Dodge Challenger SRT8 2012. I like to exterior of the body of the car because it is exotic and nice looking. The interior of the car is also good because it has modern technology. These are some of the things I hope to have in ten years from now.

This is my dream house

I used photoshop 4.0 to colorize the hat. I turned the picture into to black and white. I then only changed the hat from black and white to a color.



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