What is my dream life?

My dream job is to be a Food Scientist and the reason why I chose this job is because I really like science and the job is all about science itís really cool, it has many fields and many positions to do and be. Next, the second reason why I would like to be a Food Scientist is because I love food and that job also includes testing food and studying it. Also, the dream car that I want is a Ford Mustang Convertible 2013, and the reason why I like this car is because itís a really nice car, the car is really loud and I like the sound and of it. Another reason is that the roof can come off and on thatís really cool also. Finally the dream house that I would like to have would be a really nice condo. The reason why I like this type of house is because itís a nice simple house to live in. The last and final reason is because condos have really nice pools, views, and they are really clean. So, those are my dream goals that I would like to have when I get older.

This is my dream house!

So what I did on photoshop 4.0 was get a picture and basically turned it from a color picture to a black and white picture. Then I colored just a part that I wanted colored in the black and white picture, as you can see. The before and after pictures.



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