What is my dream life?

In 10 years from now, I see myself working towards my doctorate in astrophysics, but I would also like to be working for NASA, designing rockets for them. The reason why I want to work for NASA and have my doctorate in astrophysics is because I would like to leave a mark on mankind. Next, working in astrophysics could mean having a good chance in getting a Nobel Prize. Also, working in NASA as a rocket designer means that I could have a chance to see my rocket launch off the ground, possibly carrying astronauts, or vital components to a Space Station. Lastly, working in astrophysics and in NASA could mean a large paycheck and many years living in luxury.

This is the house I shall live in when I get my dream job.

Recently, through a program called Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0, I created a image with only one main color prominent. I choose a cute picture of a orange cat with a bright pink dress on. I took out all of the other colors, but kept the bright pink dress showing bright pink.



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