What is my dream life?

For me to be a successful person in life, and could be anything within the world, I would be a successful multi-winning billionaire within 10 years, First, by being an amazing fire chief, and owning mu own fire station in New York, City. Next, I値l own a private property in Hawaii near by the beaches, surrounded by vegetation痴 and palm trees. I値l live by an enclosed environment, with access just for me only. It値l be securely guarded, and I値l own plenty of body guards to protect me, and my family. At least 10 people can live in it, and it costs about 15 million dollars. Lastly, I値l own a 4 wheeled, 3 foot off the ground, concept car of the future. It seats 4, and goes over 60 mph. It costs over 50 million dollars, and is a hybrid car. That would be my perfect dream

This is my dream house!

I made this bane picture from it's regular colors into a black and white picture, and changed his mask to a blue color. I used Photoshop 4.0 to create this design.



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