What is my dream life?

In ten years I want to be a baseball player in the major leagues. I would like to be on the Anaheim Angels but playing for any team would be an honor. The reason I would want to be a baseball player is because they make a lot of money. Also it is the sport I love to play so it would be a great job. Another reason is that they have millions of fans screaming their names while they play. This is why I would want to be a professional baseball player in ten years.

This is my dream house I will be living in in 10 years.

While I used photoshop I learned how to change pictures to make things in pictures stand out. First you have to make your picture a dark shade of grey so youll be able to make something stand out. Then you use the laso to outline the item you want and then make it the color you want.What I did was I changed the hat to a maroon, instead of red.



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