What is my dream life?

My name is Jordan and in ten years my dream job would be to join the Marine Core as a recon sniper. My dream car would be a Dodge Challenger the color would be black with white stripes and red rims that was my dream car since I was in first grade. My dream house is a second floor house near the beach with a pool in the back with a jacuzzi next the pool. The pool would be eight feet deep and the jacuzzi would be three feet deep. The house would have three bathrooms and four rooms and a big living room that would be my dream house. Those are the three things I would have in 10 years from now.

This is my dream house in 10 years

I used google to get the picture and then opened up photoshop and used the lasso to highlight the part i wanted to color in but first I have to put the picture in black and white a litte. After the picture should look black and white and only the color that you highlighted. The photoshop we used was 4.0



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