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Writing Tool Kit


Word Web Pro

WordWeb is an English thesaurus and dictionary. It can only be used on a PC with Windows operating system. Just like a thesaurus it can help find synonyms while a student is drafting an essay. It can also help with proununications and definitions just by clicking on the word.

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Essay Punch

It's a website that helps students put together an essay by asking them simple questions to get their creative juices flowing. The students answer a few writing prompts and Essay Punch gives the student examples too in case the students can't come up with any prompts on their own. It's a great activity to get students who are done with their work early to brain storm and practice on their essay writing skills.




Grammarly is an online grammar checker. It's an automated proof-reader and does a better job than Microsoft Word when it comes to checking for grammar errors.

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Google Docs

Google docs allows the user to share and colloborate online with their document editing. Multiple users can edit a document at once.

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Goal Setting


ePals is an online community where students can work collaboratively with each other and allows also for cultural exchanges, project sharing, and language learning.

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Edmodo is an online community where students and teachers can interact via a safe portal. Teachers can manage assignments and curriculum online and allow the students to also submit their assignments. There are also online apps that can be added to help the students organize and set goals for their projects and ideas.

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An online document syncing, storage, and sharing area. It's a great free software to organize documents and images.

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An online file management system that syncs easily with iPads, PCs, Macs, Android, and various other platforms. It's one of the most popular and universal file management syncing and sharing softwares currently available.

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Prewriting / Planning

Step Up to Writing

Step Up to Writing is a workbook program that helps students pre-write and plan out their writing tasks. It contains tutorials and planners to help students "step up" to the task of writing.

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Prezi is an online PowerPoint software, free, so that its content can be published and shared with the world. Multiple users can work on a project together and publish it as one Prezi. Word documents, Images, Youtube videos, and links can all be added into a Prezi and published together.

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Weebly is an online website that can publish personal webpages/websites for free. Publishing with Weebly is so easy that it can be done on a PC or iPad. Content can also be added quickly and easily and it requires no prior web design knowledge.

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TitanPad is a great simple website where content can be shared quickly and it can be revised quickly by anyone who has been granted access with the link.

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Microsoft Word

A PC software by the company Microsoft that can help with writing and revising documents quickly and efficiently. It has more advanced revising features than Google Docs or Open Office.

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Adobe PDF


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