Assistive Technology Tool Kit
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Reading Tool Kit

Learning to Read

LeapFrog Books and LeapFrog Reader

Leapfrog Tag and Reader pens are to assist early readers learn at their own pace with colorful books and pictures. The pen speaks the word the student taps outloud so the early reader can begin to recognize words with sounds. The pens also assist the early reader with fine motor skills such as writing and tapping a page.

YouTube Demo

Read 180 Program

Read 180 is a program to help struggling readers comprehend their reading material more. It is also now available on an iPad.

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Reading to Learn

Speaking It!

Requires Google Chrome Installed to work. Speaking it allows certain text online viewable through Google Chrome to be read outloud.

YouTube link here

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking can read outloud text to the reader OR it can transcribe text spoken by the reader. It is a software that needs to be installed on the computer for it to work.

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