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Last Updated: April 28, 2015

South Junior High - 2015 OCDE Technology Showcase Finalist Project

Our project is called "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words". The creators of this PBL project are Mrs. Chang (Applied Tech) and Ms. Avilez (ELM).

See Interview Video for Project Overview

The PBL project is essentially a storyboarding project that has to tell a story in a single-frame picture (aka: digital poster), instead of multiple frames.

Skills from MS Paint and PowToon were taught to the Applied Tech students prior to starting this project.

Various fairy tales and fables were taught to the ELM classes by Ms. Avilez.

The ones chosen for this PBL project are listed in order of easiest to hardest for creating a "redeeming the villain" story below:

Jack and the Beanstalk
Three Little Pigs
Little Red Riding Hood
Hansel and Gretel
The Pied Piper
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
The Goose Girl

Click here to see more pictures in our Google Drive Folder

Click here for samples of students' "redeeming the villain" stories.

Rubrics and Handouts

Photoshop Rubric

Presentation Rubric

Project Overview

Lesson Plan

Basic Storyboarding Worksheet

Sample Google Form

Have a Question?

Please contact Mrs. Chang at should you have any questions or clarifications for this PBL project.

Project Description and Process

Stage 1 Digital Poster: Students read the story and created a rendition in digital format.

(Picture required 3 different images)

Stage 2 Digital Poster: Students changed the background setting of the story and re-wrote how that changes the story.

(Picture required 3 different images)

Stage 3 Digital Poster: Students redeemed the villain in the story and created a brand new digital image that can showcase how the hero is now the villain and vice versa.

(Picture required 9 different images)

The Pitch: The students presented their Stage 3 Digital Poster as a team to the entire class in a role-playing "pitch". The class pretended to be Hollywood producers looking for the next big movie idea. Students then use Google Forms to submit their review for each group.

To complete all stages of this project the students used and demonstrated their skills in storyboarding, reading, writing, mind-mapping, collaboration, team-building, and oral presentation skills.

Basic storyboarding of the original story

PDF for Basic Storyboarding

ELM student uses paper to storyboard the "redeeming the villain" plot

Students collaborating what images to use in their Photoshop Elements images

Applied Tech students working together with ELM students to work on their final Stage 3: Redeeming the Villain image.

This project also actively engaged the students in the 4C's: collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity.



After the "pitch" the audience use Google Forms to rate the group. Click here for the Presentation Rubric.

The following are results from the Jack and the Beanstalk group. All results are automatically calculated by Google Forms.

This group would score a 10 for speaking clearly.

This group would score a 10 for capturing the audiences attention.

This group would score a 10 for proper representation of their Stage 3 picture during the presentation.

This group would score a 10 for answering questions from the audience appropriately.

This group would score a 10 for persuading the audience (Hollywood producers) to turn their story into a movie.

Additional comments from the audience are below:

I don't have any comments,but I like it.=)

It was late but such an amazing story. I liked your guys stage 3 picture.

You should have turned the rock in the giant's hand to the color yellow.

The Revised story of Jack and the Beanstalk was good. But, make your picture interesting.

This should be turned into a movie

It sounded a tiny bit same as the original, but they had a great story! But didn't made not much sense...

It was late but it was such an amazing story !!!!!!

I really liked your story it was my favorite out of all of the other stories !!!!! I think it would make an excellent movie !!!!!!!!!!!!

you need to work on it a bit

The presentation was really good.

You did great. I love the story.

Very good

maybe make a better picture

Presenters were very clear, and explained the story with a lot of detail. I am convinced this would make a great movie.

They did awesome. I really liked it.

Very well presented. Maybe Andrew should have participated more.
this new story should be made into a movie

I really liked it accept the some other of the group members didn't talk that much
very interesting retake on the story jack and the bean stock great job m8

Good job, you guys spoke clearly and loudly.

The revised story was really good and it made a lot of sense.



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