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Last Updated: November 12, 2014

Use Pencil inside Room 501

Be responsible for your own work!

Keyboarding Rules

1) Fingers (all 10) should rest on the Home Keys

2) Only your thumbs should touch the "space bar"

3) Only right little finger should touch the "enter" / "return" key

4) Do NOT touch the "delete" or "backspace" key

5) Do NOT touch the mouse

6) Do NOT touch the arrow keys

7) Sit properly

8) Fingers must be clean (aka: no Cheetos stains)

Not following the rules may result in:

1) Points will be deducted from your grade and/or

2) Your work will be deleted and you must start over

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Bathroom Procedures & Rules

Every student receives 30 points extra credit each semester in Mrs. Chang's computer class. Each time you use the restroom, you use one of your 10 extra credit points.

Let Mrs. Chang know you need to go. If you still have virtual bathroom passes left, then sign out ont he clipboard by the microwave and take the bathroom pass.

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Water Procedures & Rules

You should always bring your own bottle of water on campus. Or make your water trips during those times, not during class time. Thank you.

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What happens if you lost or missed an assignment or test?

You are responsible to tell the teacher if you lost or missed an assignment. You can always check your Aeries to see which assignments or tests you are missing so you can make it up.

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I don't have a pencil or pen.

Pick one up in the pencil jar on top of the microwave.

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