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Lab Procedures Handout

Room 501 Computer Lab Procedures (answers to Computer Lab Procedures Handout)

Keep this paper inside your portfolio. Thank you!

Last Updated: November 12, 2014



1) is called the . You can click on it to help you save, open, or print your files.

2) You do NOT need to bring a Flash Drive for this class, we use Google Drive. .

3) If you make a mistake on your assignments, you should click on the button.

4) Make sure the sound is on your computer. Draw the mute symbol on this speaker Answer:

5) When wearing earphones, you should wear only ONE not both.

6) If you are having trouble with your computer, then the computer and log on again. Then if it still doesn't work, ask Mrs. Chang.

7) If you think your is giving you problems on your assignment, ask three before you ask me! :)

8) Make sure to down your computer when you leave.

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On the bottom of the Computer Lab Handout, copy this:

Daily Computer Care

1) Monitor light should be orange or green.

2) Computer should have a "number" sticker.

3) Keyboard should have an orange light under the "1" (number lock).

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On the back of the Computer Lab Handout, copy this:

Top 5 Don'ts
1) Don't do something that will cause an accident.
2) Don't bang on the keyboard or mouse.
3) Don't toss away any assignments, they stay in your portfolio.
4) Don't come in with food, like hot cheetos.
5) Don't brush hair, do makeup, or spray perfume in class.

Top 5 Do's
1) Do bring a pencil to class.
2) Do place backpacks under your desk.
3) Do be in YOUR seats on-time
4) Do turn in your work on-time
5) Do keep your portfolio organized and on top of your computer.

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