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Last Revised: Friday, March 16, 2018 PST

Welcome students and parents to our Graphic Communications class.

This elective course will be fun, challenging and rewarding for students. In order for learning to occur in a positive environment, basic rules and procedures need to be followed. Please read the following material and at the very bottom please sign and turn in the form on Haiku's dropbox. Also, keep a copy of this information for yourself. A digital copy can be found here: Curriculum Letter.

Class Summary
In this class students will learn about the application and uses of Graphic Communications. The foundation will be the application of design concepts, principles and techniques to various projects. They will be using computer programs to create, edit and produce their designs. Learning will occur by applying the design process (from concept to final) to such items as: advertisements, product branding, posters, book/magazine covers, and more.

What Students Will Learn
* History and influence in society of Graphic Design
* Design concepts, principles and techniques
* How to create and apply:
* Typography
* Layouts
* Logos, Symbols and Pictograms
* Packaging
* Identities and Brands
* Posters
* Advertising
* Book jackets & Magazine Covers
* A portfolio of work will be created that showcases work from each semester.

For the complete curriculum letter, please click on this link.


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