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FAQ: Classroom Procedures

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Also refer to your curriculum letter for more info.

Last Updated: August 12, 2020

Cell Phone & Internet Use

Cell phones should NOT be out during class time. Texting your parents or your supervisor is not a reason to use your cell phone during class time.

Cell Phone Violation #1 - Verbal Warning + documentation on Aeries
Cell Phone Violation #2 - Taken away but student picks up at end of class & documented on Aeries
Cell Phone Violation #3 - Taken away but student picks up at end of class & documented on Aeries
Cell Phone Violation #4 - Detention
Cell Phone Violation #5 & more - Security picks up + Phone Call Home

The district Internet Use policy is enforced within the classroom. No gaming, watching YouTube, etc. You are to use the Internet for school related projects only.

Internet Violation #1 - Verbal Warning + documentation on Aeries
Internet Violation #2 - Documentation on Aeries
Internet Violation #3 - Documentation on Aeries
Internet Violation #4 & more - Documentation on Aeries + Email to Parent

All violations are documented and tracked on Aeries. It does NOT affect your grade but may affect your citizenship and work habits marks. 


Bathroom Procedures & Rules

Every student gets unlimited bathroom trips as long as you return within 7 minutes (be nice, others need the bathroom too). 

However, you can't go to the bathroom during a teacher presentation.  You can hold it for 10 minutes.  Or you can lose your priviledges for the rest of the semester.  

Please drop off your cell phone + sign the bathroom log to trade for bathroom pass.

Only one student at a time to use the restroom.

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Water & Food Policy

You should always bring your own bottle of water on campus.

Water trips are the same as bathroom trips.  Return within 7 minutes so others can go too.  No water trips allowed during teacher presentation time.  

NO FOOD IN THE CLASSROOM. Eat it outside at the lunch table.  But this will count as a tardy towards your attendance.   Wash your hands, and then come back into the room. 

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What happens if you're absent for a few days and missed an assignment or project?

Check Schoology or Aeries to see which assignment or project you are missing so you can make it up. Also let Mrs. Chang know so she can give you extended time on Aeries, otherwise you may continue to lose late points on those assignments.

You can also check Mrs. Chang's Google Calendar to see what you missed on a specific day.

Most assignments and projects have EXTRA days built into the curriculum so even if you miss ONE day of class you can still complete it on-time.

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