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Last Revised: Tuesday, August 23, 2022 PST

:: 2017 AUHSD Annual Film Festival Best Animation Winner ::

Welcome students and parents to our Animation class.

This elective course will be fun, challenging and rewarding for students. In order for learning to occur in a positive environment, basic rules and procedures need to be followed. Please read the following material and at the very bottom please sign and turn in the form on Haiku's dropbox. Also, keep a copy of this information for yourself. A digital copy is here: Curriculum Letter.

Class Summary
Students will learn to create animations and apply the principles of animation through the visual electronic art form of 2D animation. Storyboarding, character development, visual storytelling skills will be developed as students’ complete individual and group projects that incorporate the basic techniques of animation including staging, timing, and mechanics and learn to critique based on the principles of animation and good story development.

What Students Will Learn
* Gain hands-on experience in 2D animation development.
* Explore the evolution of animation from a historical and cultural perspective.
* Identify and apply the twelve principles of animation through hands-on projects.
* Demonstrate an understanding of how to use the tools and equipment of the 2D animator.
* Apply different methods of creating 2D imagery.
* Understand the concept of time line for animations.
* Apply frame-by-frame of key-frame animation as properly applicable to the animation situation.
* Demonstrate an understanding of the process of critique, evaluation, and revision based on feedback from others.
* Create a portfolio of work that showcases projects from each semester.

For the complete curriculum letter, please click on this link.

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