What is my dream life?

My name is Kimberly,and I will be talking about what will happen to me from ten years from now. I will talk about three things I dream of. First of all, my dream job would to become a doctor; I would be helping the patients, and as Iím doing that I will win a lot of money. Second of all, my dream car would be a blue colored jeep which Iíll drive around everywhere doing all my errands and hearing my favorite music. Third of all, my dream house would be old fashioned, but modern in itís own way. These are the three things I will hope to have ten years from now and working hard to earn it.

This will be my dream house in ten years.

Before I worked on this website I worked with Photoshop.In Photoshop I made a normal looking puppy picture into a professional cool looking puppy picture. I made the puppy all purple,made the eyes aqua blue, and put some leaves around it.



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