What is my dream life?

In ten years I want to be a professional soccer player that plays in Barcelona. First, my dream car that I want 10 years from now is the Lamborghini Veneno. Next, my dream house that I want is a two story house that has a pool in the back of it, and it could make a big home for me and my family. Finally, I want to be a competitor on the Liga BBVA in Spain so I could be around the world. That is my whole entire dream that I want to happen in real life.

This my dream house that I want to get when I get my dream job so I could live happy.

I use photoshop 4.0 and I changed the Lionel Messi picture like this.I made the picture into sepia and I colored Lionel's Messi name on the back of his jersey and his kit number.



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