What is my dream life?

A lot of people dream that they will be successful and will be following their dream job in 10 years from now. I picture myself in 10 years from now as a successful singer. I always wanted to be a singer ever since I was 5 years old I would watch my favorite Vietnamese singer, Trish Thuy Trang, she was and still is an amazing singer to me. As, years progressed I found out about even more singers/bands that I soon loved and found a love of music. That is what I dream what I would do as my career in 10 years.

I will live in my dream house when I get my dream job.

I used Photoshop 4.0 to create my before and after picture. I used Photoshop to change the picture to a sepia type of color and then I changed the shirt to a bright red.



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