What is my dream life?

If I could be anything in ten years I would be a basketball player because I like to play basketball. I think that if I play basketball for the rest of my life I would be good at it. When I do get a chance to play for a team in the national basketball association I hope I play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Also another reason I would like to play basketball is because I would make alot of money playing basketball. If there are budget cuts then I would still be happy because I would be doing what I like to do best. Another reason is because I will be able to donate a lot of my money to people who have cancer. This is why I would like to be a basketball player.

This is my dream house after I have my dream job.

I used photoshop to create before and after pictures. I used this program to make the Angels hats to purple and to make the background of the after picture black and whi te.



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